Venture capital for the built environment

Our aim is to change the way we finance, build, and use the world’s largest asset class to deliver better outcomes for people and the planet.

We are value-add investors

Industry Expertise and Network

With experience across all built environment sectors and strong industry connections, our team is well-equipped to drive the success of market-leading technology companies.


We have experienced the challenges that come with building and scaling a company first hand. We use this perspective to treat founders with empathy and respect.

Deployment Opportunities

We are backed by PATRIZIA, which provides our portfolio companies with opportunities to test and scale technologies across €50B+ of AUM across all major asset classes and all key European markets.

Our Values

Day in, day out, our values guide every action we take.  

Make a difference

By putting sustainability at the top of our agenda, we strive to positively impact the built environment, our portfolio companies, and our LPs.

Embrace diversity

We seek diversity of people, perspectives, and backgrounds in everything we do.

Take ownership

We hold ourselves accountable for actions and responsible for results.

Drive action with insight

We support our portfolio companies and LPs with knowledge and direction.

Always ask why?

Progress starts with a challenge; we ask the right questions.

Focus on founders

We are tenacious in supporting founders and empathetic in our approach.